Apple Unit Study

This is from an early  post I did last year when Lil J was almost 2!

Its that time of year again where summer has come to an end and everyone is back to their usual schedules of going back to school or homeschooling. We decided to kick our Totessori home school year off with an Apple Study Unit. My initial plan was to take a trip to the local apple orchard until I found out it was almost 2 hours away. So I decided that we would visit the pumpkin patch in October and we would get our apples from the local farmers market.

My son loves apples, well shall I say he loves saying the word apple and pointing to all things that are apple. To get us started I purchased apple die cuts from Wal-mart during the back to school sale and did a Pinterest search for apple activity ideas that would best work for a toddler.

Study Unit Words

Pinterest has been a wonderful resource for finding activities and supplements to his schema.

We have maintain Montessori activities during the month along with the study unit.  The unit study adds excitement and keeps things interesting for him.  This month I am also setting up many areas within his classrooms as invitations to play. So far he is loves this because I switch them out everyday and place them in different locations. If he doesn’t locate the invitation I will leave it out for him an extra day.
Montessori Inspired Activities 


I have also started making weekly busy boxes.  I will talk a little more about those in my next blog entry. We are testing them currently so stay tuned for an update.

So back to the Apple Unit. We covered the anatomy of the apple and how apples grow. We have tasted 3 different types of apples, baked an apple cake, applesauce pancakes, drank apple juice. I can’t believe I even let him play in applesauce as a sensory activity! HE LOVED THIS ( you must try this with your little one).  His love for everything apple has been everything he could have hoped for.  Who am I kidding? I have loved every minute of it myself.
 So as September has come to an end and Fall has officially blown in, we looked forward to October and the new things we will embark on at the Pumpkin Patch.

Until next time stay warm and have some Apple Cider on us!!

Apple Alphabet Sheet
Apple Shape Matching

Mama Montessori!!


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