We are still keeping busy!

It’s been a great few months. I finally took on a new venture of doing consulting for parents who are looking to begin early learning with their children.  I also have been loving being a stay at home mom over the last month and half. 

Lil J and I have really enjoyed ourselves. Some of the things I have always wanted to do with I couldn’t because I was working I took full advantage of these last few weeks. One of the biggest steps we took developing a school routine.  

Previously we only did learning time after I got home from work and on my off days. These times worked well for us and still felt confident he was getting a great amount of learning done.  Now since I have been home these last 6 weeks we have gotten into a real rhythmn. 

Our new routine:

  • Breakfast 7:15-7:45
  • Music/Free Play 8:00-8:50
  • Circle Time: 9:00-9:15
  • Logic/Memory 9:25-9:40
  • Snack 9:45-10:00
  • Math- 10:05-10:20
  • Handwriting- 10:25-10:35/40
  • Phonics/Literacy – 10:45-11:05
  • Science/Geography/Spanish 11:05-11:30 
  • Lunch/Free Play 11:45-12:15
  • Nap 12:50-3:30
  • Snack 3:30-3:45
  • Outside/Art/Free Play

If you notice in between each area I left transition time and what I like to call let loose time. Lil J loves music and so I crank up the iPod to one of his favorite songs and we let loose dancing, singing, playing like we are in a marching band or whatever he feels like doing! I feel like this keeps him interested in what we are doing and allows him to also to do things he likes.

Now that routine isn’t rigid because we go to Storytime on Wednesdays and we also run errands but on the days we are at home we typically follow this routine. We also don’t do Science, Geography and Spanish everyday we alternate and fit those on 3 days out of the week.

We also transitioned from doing traditional shelfwork to using a workbox system. We still have shelfwork and do montessori inspired learning. His shelf work has just become his own independent work.  You can check out more information about this on our new Little Learners University Youtube Channel also visit us at our Facebook page!

I am very happy how things have been going these last few weeks and I am looking forward to months to come. I am quite sure I will tweak things again. As always I follow his led and I make sure he has plenty of playtime and interested led learning. In the coming weeks look for more Vlog and blog post.

Until next time,

Mama Montessori and Lil J


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