Let’s talk curriculum!

I get asked all the time what curriculum or guidelines I follow with my son.  So I decided I would write about it and film a new video talking about my curriculum/guidelines I use.

There is no exact curriculum that I use I pull stuff from everywhere. I do set educational goals for him that I would like to cover over the year. I also follow along with my NAMC 2’s and primary manuals. 

Some of my favorite books for us to work out of is from the company Critical Thinking. We use the Mathematical Reasoning book and the Building Thinking Skills. I also like the What your Preschooler/Kindergartner needs to know series. We just started incorporating more science and foreign language and geography this year. You can find a lot of the books and materials I use on the Little Learning Tools check back often because I am always adding materials. 


We have started using a Workbox system, but we still have our shelfwork which is now Lil J uses it for independent work. 


Most of Lil J curriculum remains to be Montessori inspired and uses lots of hands on materials. I store away from worksheets that aren’t interactive and doesn’t appeal to one of the five senses or logic reasoning.  


I plan Lil J lessons on Sunday’s this is the best time for me to plan and pull things out. Through careful observations and note taking of the previous weeks activities I am able decide on what’s parts of the curriculum needs to be tweaked or more lessons planned. I make sure we are following the standards or goals I have set for the year as well as covering common core requirements for Pre-School and Kindergarten. 

Personally I am not of a fan of our states common core standards so I make sure I cover those standards as well as the standards of another state that I feel are a better fit for my sons current development and needs. It’s really up to the you the parents what standards you want to set, but I think it is very important that you do take a look at your states common core standards if you plan to eventually enroll your child in school or just need a guideline to help you get started homeschooling.

 So far we are enjoying the new school year and having loads of fun. I will be uploading a new video soon to go along with this post as well as I will be doing a homeschool room your video soon.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or come check us out on our Facebook page.

Until Next Time,

Mama Montessori and Lil J



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