The Classroom 

I am a firm believer in offering children a prepared environment. Over the course of 35 months our home and classrooms have gone from simple to what I am currently calling my son’s Preschool Rooms. Yes you heard me correctly we have  2 classrooms and half of a room area that is Lil J “quiet area”. 

If you have followed my post you will know that I didn’t always know what I was doing or how to even begin to set up a room. With a lots of guidance from other veteran moms and trial error I almost have it together. 

I am always changing things around based on monthly themes and observation of classroom flow and his interest. I think Lil J appreciates having a prepared environment because everything is easily accessible to him and he can do things independatly. 

One of the core principles in Montessori learning is preparing an environment that is inviting to the child as well as every thing has its on place. Now let me just tell you if you take a look at my earlier blog “Seriously Montessori ” you will see my first set up for my then 7 month old son was no where even close to a prepared environment. I can honestly say we have come a long way since that period.  Let me also say that my sons classrooms are “Montessori inspired” and therefore reflect philosophies of Montessori, as well as our own style.     


So what is the point of me writing this post? I wanted to share with other parents who are trying to create their childrens areas. A loving classroom takes time and organzation. When I visit learning areas of my clients and friends  I see that overwhelmed feeling in their  faces, but I also see the love and good intentions of these parents. Trust me I have been there and sometimes I still have those moments.  I know they want the best for their little ones but just don’t know where to start and I am so happy I can share with them my journey and help where I can.

The above picture is one of his set up for two of his classroom areas when he was 1.5 years old. As you can see the rooms were always a work in progress.  I can honestly say that at times I had a love hate relationship with his rooms. When I started to notice I was feeling overwhelmed I had to step back and just observe him to see if he was happy with his environments, because the reality is if he was happy and then I needed to be happy. 

So these are the 10 key things you need to remember when setting up:

  1. Decide on area you want use.
  2. Use furniture that is kid friendly and easily accessible.
  3. Use decor that is fun, warm and inviting, and include natural items.
  4. Decide on some sort of shelving system.
  5. Invest in baskets and trays. 
  6. Look for things around the house that you can add to your room.
  7. Become best friends with your local dollar stores, Target $1 spot and thrift stores.
  8. Amazon Prime is your friend.
  9. Observe your child or children and include an interest led area.
  10. Make sure you remember to include a quiet area.

Have fun setting up your classrooms. Pinterest has a wide assortment of pinners who pin their classrooms and others. One of my favorite pinners to follow is Natural Beach Living, her set up is beautiful and my other favorite is Living Montessori Now. 

To see our current set up check out our latest Youtube video October Room Tour.  


Until next time,

Mamamontessori and Lil J


One thought on “The Classroom 

  1. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    I love all your tips! 🙂 It sounds like our journeys with Montessori in our homes is similar. I didn’t know what I was doing at first either and I have come a long way! Stop by and check out our Montessori inspired environment when you get a chance at 🙂 I agree that Amazon prime is great resource. Where did you find the Montessori wall map that you have hanging up?


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