Preschool Prep Review

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I am always looking for different ways to keep my sons interest in reading and building his vocabulary. He just recently turned 3 and is an avid early reader.

We first discovered that Lil J could read words when he was around 13 months old but I wasn’t really sure I thought maybe he had just memorized the words as the months flew by he started to show more interest in words and sounding them out. Finally I was convinced when he was 2 weeks away from 2 years old he could in fact read and he read us his first book completely. 

Recently I reached out to the wonderful Preschool Prep Company and told them I had recently purchased their app bundle for our iPad and how Lil J was loving it. The company responded and sent us a 3 DVD copy of their Sight Word collection. We were excited to recieve the collection because we already owned their Blends and Diagraphs DVD’s as well as their Sight word flash cards.


This sight word dvd set is awesome and it’s interactive which something that I loved. You can play the dvd in several different ways. One of the things I loved was the repetitive nature of the words and cute characters. They show the child the word in two types of scenarios one in black and white and then the next as a cute character. They use the words in sentences and they highlight the words as they read them. The interactive feature option is brillant and allows parents to stop the dvd  and have the child read the words and then restart dvd again. 

Preschool Prep sight word 3 part DVD series teaches :

  • 47 sight words, 
  • 30 Fry and 
  • 30 Dolch words 

I was so impressed with the dvd’s I ordered the sight word set 1 box set. My son read the first 5 books in minutes and was so proud of himself that he went on to read the next 5 books.   


If your looking for a fun and interactive way to introduce sight words to your child Preschool Prep Company’s is an wonderful resource. They not only offer dvd’s for sight words they offer full collection of educational resources. I will be purchasing the workbooks and the other sight word box sets very soon!

Until Next Time,

Mama Montessori and Lil J


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