That Time of the Year!!

We have been having a great summer so far so the idea of having to think about getting things organized for the upcoming school year has began to pull at my brain.

Okay let me just be honest I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING! Omgosh the killer sales on crayons, markers and glue sticks makes me super happy! As I look around I see other moms who are as eager as I am and we greet each other with the same head nod and smile of approval!

(Target $1 Spot is soo awesome this was my second trip)

For the homeschooling mom our school year planning usually starts as soon as we end one school term. The hunt begins on finding a new curriculum or supplements for the upcoming year. Then  we all come together in our online support groups and swap valuable secret information or just a shoulder to cry on  or to just vent.
Even though Lil J is almost 3 the pressure is on to build an awesome enriching learning exiperence for him. In other words more pom poms and interest led learning and playing. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!
My biggest struggle this year has been customizing my planner. I use Erin Condren Life Planner, before you gasp in shock, yes I am a part of the EC addiction mania and proud! I use that planner for my own personal organization  but I want a lesson planner for Lil J. So right now I am trying out some online templates from different websites and making my own.


So I am still working through our curriculum and seeing what is going to work for us this year. The one thing that I did manage to get done was our new circle time. Let’s just say it is still a work in progress because I have my eye on this calander that I saw at Lakeshore Learning. Lil J seems to love it though because he asks everyday can we do circle time.


I also have set up a new language and literacy area for Lil J that I personally am very excited about using.


We are off to a good start I think but at any given moment things could change. I have to admit I am secretly looking forward to this year and watching him grow and learn.
Until Next Time,
Lil J and Mommy

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