Tiggley Review

I was provided Tiggly Words. All opinion expressed here are my own!

I usually don’t let my son have a lot of tablet time if any at all, but on those rare occasions he does I try to stick to educational apps. Here recently I came across an email promoting a new app and manipulatives called Tiggly words. I was intrigued by the video promoting the app. My son is 2.5 years old and we are currently working on phonetic reading skills since he already knows his letter sounds and alphabets. I thought this would be a great way to bring things to life for him and have tons of fun.

I ordered the product on a Thursday and it showed up Friday morning I was extremely impressed with the rapid free shipping they offered. They system arrived in a cute box with one of the manpulitives peeking through the front. Lil J was instantly draw in when he saw it but it was naptime so we had to wait until after his nap to explore.
The letters that arrived were vowels, they are lightweight and durable. They have  black cushions on the bottom so they don’t scratch your tablet and they are stable once set on the screen. There is a small white bag enclosed in which you keep the letters in between playing with them. Easy to read instructions are also enclosed for setting up the 3 free apps ($8.97 value) that come along with the purchase. The letters also don’t require batteries, wifi or bluetooth to work, major plus in my opinion.
Before intiallly letting my son play on the tablet we first went over each letters sounds and naming the letters. We also talked about not banging the letters on the screen as well as they don’t go in his mouth and when we are done they letters go back in the bag.
The first game we played was Tiggly Submarine, this fun filled game features beginning letter sounds for cute animals and sea life.
The second game was Tiggly Tales this game worked on building words with short vowel sounds using all the letters. My son loved this activity his favorites were the words “cub and pig” the animals appear on the screen and do funny things.
Lastly was Tiggly Doctor. This app really comes alive for the children. It’s starts off with 3 patients waiting in the waiting room and the children select one and they are taken to another screen to help take care of the patient using words they build as well using their hands to manipulate the medical instruments.
I highly recommend this new learning resource if your child has begun the early stages of reading. I am always looking for ways to make learning fun with my son. He really took this system right away like I said this is just one great resource your can offer your child and feel confident that it is not overstimulating.
You can order Tiggly Words from http://www.Tiggly.com or on Amazon!
Until next time,
Momma Montessori and J

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