Native American Study

This year I decided instead of doing a traditional Thanksgiving theme for the month of November we would study Native American history.

We focused on 3 tribes and they were Chennye, Powhatan and the Cherokee. Lil J was super excited to see his room change to reflect our study. I was a little concern I wouldn’t be able to find much hands-on materials for us to use but I found just enough to help us.

I wanted the information that I presented to Lil J to be accurate so I sought the help of friends who were natives and certified Native American websites and literature.

I was very fortunate to come across several books that were written by actual Native American. One of Lil J favorite was “Giving Thanks”  by Chief Jake Swamp this book is beautifully illustrated and elegantly written, we read this book several times. I also purchased the Safari Toob Powhatan Indian Village and used the learning key from Living Montessori Now.


I created a sensory activity with a bag of mixed beans, Lil J loved looking at all beans and using them play with his 3 part cards.

Lil J really was into all the activites presented with this study. When it was time start transition to our new new unit he asked if we could keep some of the things out. 

I guess I can say that this  unit went over really well. Join us in December as we take our learning to the continent Antarctica! Be sure to like our Facebook to get updates and watch our Youtube.

Until Next Time,

Mama Montessori and Lil J


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