The Monster Inside Book Review!!

I was provided this book by author all opinions expressed here are my own!

In November my son turned 3 and all heck broke loose. Holy independant Threenager!! 

I was a skeptic about the Threenager phase that I heard so many moms talk about and I thought to myself there is no way my sweet boy going to go through this phase right? WRONG!!!!
It seemed like it happened overnight, we were battling some major attitudes and agression at times over simple things like putting on pants or getting into the car. Now let me just give a little background my son has seizures but has only had 6 in 3 years, he takes Keppra and can sometimes display what a lot of moms whose children that take this medication called “Keppra Rage”!  We have our fingers crossed that this April we can wean him off his meds if he continues to stay seizure free. He is still our sweet boy but we have some extra monster visitors that I am convinced is not Keppra related.

When The Monster Inside author  Belinda O’Brien was looking for moms to review her new book, I was excited to review this book after finding out what it was about because we were now dealing with some little monsters that were now visiting our home. 

The book The Monster Inside  is a beautiful story of a little boy named Jack dealing with his own monsters when he becomes frustrated or irritated with people or activites. One of best things I loved about this story line was the mothers loving approach and calmness that is awesome example of positive parenting discipline method.

The little monters that show up in the story are cute and my son has sinced nicknamed (Greeney, Pete and Spike) Jack learns a calming technique that his mom teaches him to stop the monsters from making Jack make wrong decisions and acting out. What I like really about this book is it gives real life situations that are easily relatable to children. The books also lets the child see that it’s okay for them to have emotions and feel upset, but it’s how they handle these feelings is what is important.

We have read this books several times and it has been placed in our calming area in our home. I have seen some big changes in my little guy since receiving the book.  He is taking more time to calm himself and he is using the techniques in the book. He is using more assertive words to express himself rather than throwing a tantrum. 

This is a great book for parents who are encountering behavior issues that they need to help their children overcome. I think this would be a great addition to any home library, day care and school. The Monsters Inside can be found on Amazon where it has recieved 5 stars! 

It’s a cute little book that leaves a great impression on kids. 

Until Next Time,

Mama Montessori and Lil J


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